Sunday, July 08, 2012


If I was asked who my first friend ever was, I would have to say Robyn.  She was my first long-term friend BY CHOICE.  Meaning, we weren't friends because our parents were friends or we went to the same class or school or church but we were friends because we WANTED to be friends.  I'm not saying the other kinds of friends aren't as important or lasting but for me, Robyn is the one I think of when asked my first friend. 

We were such unusual choices for each other.  I am three years younger (despite our hair color), she moved away when I was 8 years old and our families were total opposite!  But God knew.  He knew we needed each other and would be able to fall back to each other 30 + years later!!!

My best-est moved to Metlakatla, Alaska when I was 8 years old.  It's such a remote place that at the time it was a true island and you had to take the ferry or fly in.  Now, I believe there is one road/bridge connecting it to the mainland.  That's neither here nor there... she moved a long long ways away and even our letters (YES, SNAIL MAIL!!!) took forever to reach each other.  She has since moved "towards civilization" while remaining in Alaska...thanks to phones, e-mail and God, we have remained fast friends. 

We were such good friends that whenever she came "home" to see her grandparents, we always met up.  I always cried when she left.  There was just a void.  Can I just say, it feels the same today.  I am teary just thinking about her leaving today.

We got some extra time with her kiddos on Friday and made use of the pool and our cool basement as these poor Alaska folks are melting in our 90 degree temps!

Our boys hit it right off and already, they are asking for their new buddy.

What a great group of kids!  This is a combo group of hers, mine and her brother's daughter in the picture.  Who cares, we're all family.

My boys joined right in on their family photo.  I used to do the same when I was their age and feel such a part of this family. 

The kids just played well together and got along:

The little ones, mine is 5 and hers is 6, held hands and went round and round in circles!

12 years ago I went and saw her in AK and 11 years ago I joined crashed their family reunion in Montana.  3 years ago we introduced our children and after this time together, we can't wait to see each other again. 

Perhaps a trip to Alaska is in order?

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