Friday, September 07, 2012

"Four Face Friday"

I want to share four beautiful faces with you today and ask that join me in praying for them.

I went to Compassion's page and these are the children who jumped off the page at me:

Mwubaha is 12 years old from Uganda.  She lives with her parents and five other children.  As if living in an Aids-affected area wasn't hard enough, due to her situation and location, she is at a very high risk for being exploited and abused.  I pray that she stays safe today and that someone who sees her face and hears of her situation will sponsor her and give her a chance at living. 

Nessica Jean is from Haiti.  She is 7 years old.  In June I prayed for Haiti for several reasons.  I wonder how those babies are today?  Nessica has been waiting 216 days for someone to sponsor her.  Will you join me in praying for her, her four siblings and their country who undergoes many natural deadly disasters due to extreme poverty conditions?

  Luis is an older boy.  At 15 years old, he lives with only his mother and one sibling.  I'm sure he jumped off the page at me because my parents when to Peru and Bolivia last fall and visited some of the centers.  They saw first hand what a difference Compassion makes in the childrens' lives.  Luis lives in area that is at high risk for exploitation and abuse.  Compassion dramatically lowers the risk of them being exploited and abused!  It takes longer for the older children to get adopted.  I know the sponsor that God has planned for him is here, they just need to get connected.

Bosco is an older boy from Uganda.  I know these precious Ugandan children are on my heart because some dear friends have moved there.  As I pray for Jeff & Christine and their work beginning in Kampala, I think of all the children living in Uganda who are at risk for being exploited and abused.  Children who need physical safety and food to live.  Bosco is 16 and lives with his grandparents.  I can only imagine why.  He has two siblings and he works very hard.  Thank you for praying for with me!

Compassion International provides us the opportunity to change someones story.  They make it easy for us to join them in making a difference in the lives of children world wide living in extreme poverty. 

Lord, You know I can't sponsor all of Your children who need help.  Thank You for bringing Mwubaha, Nessica, Luis and Bosco to my heart today.  I pray for all of their safety as they live in areas high with exploitation and abuse rates.  Keep them safe, Jesus.  Provide everything they need today.  Give them access to clean water, food and shelter.  Help them know You, Lord.  Bring sponsors into their lives soon, Jesus.  Bring them You; for You are everything they need because You will supply all their needs.  Every single need You will see to.  Thanks for that promise.  It means a lot to me today.  I trust You to take care of Your children through us, us so abundantly blessed that we think "what will eat at least three times today" and not "will we eat today?"  Thank You that through our abundance You will change lives.  With my full belly and aching heart, I thank you.  Amen. 

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