Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Letter from Javier!!!

Today we got our very first letter from Javier, our new Compassion child from Mexico!  It was so exciting!!!

What was even more exciting was seeing our son relate to him.

Me, "His favorite color is red."

Son, "That's my favorite color!"

Me, "He loves to play with little cars."

Son, "So do I!!!"

Me, "He wants to be a fireman when he grows up."

Son, "Me, too!!!"

Me, "He loves chicken and fish."

Son, "I do, too!:

Me, "His favorite Bible story is about.Jesus' birth."

Son, "That's my favorite story, too."

Our son sat right down and colored Javier a picture.  He then went to the computer and "painted" him a picture:

We prayed for Javier and his family.  It is so nice to know his family members and their names.  It was a very exciting day for us. 

If this was the only letter we ever got (it won't be) the $38/month is worth seeing the love on my sons face for another little boy who was born somewhere else into a poverty stricken family. 

I asked you earlier to pray for these children.  I didn't know that we would get such a special letter in the mail when I posted this morning.  If you haven't already, please look at these sweet faces and just ask God to protect them and that they can eat today. 

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