Monday, September 17, 2012

Pinterest, Oh my

I have resisted joining Pinterest for the same reason I avoid twitter... I am trying to limit the time I spend on social networking sites and facebook takes more than enough of my time as it is.  That being said, it is amazing what I will do for Compassion children.  So, here I am, on Pinterest.

What exactly does this mean?  I pray it means that if my readers are even thinking about sponsoring a child they will do so soon.  I pray that if my readers already sponsor a child (THANK YOU!!!) that they will pass my blog link on to others and re-pin my sponsor board for others to see.  I also hope that you will join my in praising God that 1,500 children have been sponsored so far this month and we have half the month to go to double that amount!  Praise Jesus!  If you have become a sponsor this month, please share that with us so we can join you in celebrating.  Perhaps you are thinking about adding another child to your Compassion family?  Now is the time
I have been having some very humbling thoughts regarding my life - our lives.  I read these questions in one of the books I am reading:

~ Do you own a refrigerator?
~ Do you have electricity?
~ Do you have a door?  Does it lock?
~ How about windows?  Do they have glass or just a sheet covering the opening?
~ A dirt floor?  No?!  Wow!  That's amazing!!!
~ A freezer?  With food in it?
~ A pantry?  Stocked with food?

I am humbled by how rich we ALL are. 

Thank you, Jesus, for the blessings in my life.  May I follow Your leading in what You would have me do with my surplus so that we don't have too much while others have none. 

For spreading the word about my blog, thank you! 
For praying for children needing sponsors, thank you!
For considering to sponsor a child, thank you!
For sponsoring a child, thank you!
For saving lives, thank you isn't enough.

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