Wednesday, October 24, 2012

James Mercy Triumphs!

Oh my.  I get afraid when "everyone" raves over anything.  Too many times, I have been disappointed because it was "so talked up" that it just didn't measure that high when all was said and done; be it a movie, song, book, study, food... you get the idea.

I had the above experience with Esther. 
It was not the material, or Miss Beth.  It was me.  I am sad to say, all me. 

I know I am guilty of praising things that have changed my life!  Take Believing God, for example!
This was a life changing study for me!  God used Miss Moore to break me free of past strongholds that Satan had been holding over my head and it was most definitely an "explosion of faith!"  I told everyone I could and still do how God worked through this study in my life. 

Back to James...


Everyone said it was powerful. 


Call -you- out if need called out, type of a study!

It is.  Praise, Jesus, it is! 

If this were a review, I give it two thumbs up!  More if I had more than two thumbs. 

Check it out, see for yourself.  God can and will use anything He can to draw us closer to Him.  We just have to be willing.  Oh, that I may be willing always.

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