Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Compassion Family

You know Roosbell.  He is 12 1/2 and lives in Ecuador.  I am praying that we get to meet next year.  Here's a post that I remember writing last year.   

We have introduced you to Javier, who is almost 6 and lives in Mexico:

Now, we need to introduce you to two more kiddos!  Paco and Sky have asked for their own Compassion Brother/Sister and are willing to "go without" some things in order to make this happen.  We are very excited for you to meet two fantastic children, both from Mexico:

Mirian is 13 and Sky is very excited to be her Compassion sister.
And Hamlet is Paco's new Compassion brother!  Paco is so excited, he has already wrote him a letter.  (Sky would have to, if I could help two kids at one time on one computer!)  Hamlet is 8 years old. 

We are anxiously awaiting our Compassion packets in the mail with new pictures and all sorts of cool information about where they live so we can get to know them better. 

This week, a team of bloggers is in Peru, blogging live.  You don't want to miss their experiences.  Being part of such a team is a grandiose dream of mine that I am asking God to remove selfish and proud desires from my heart.  He's doing a good job.  If God is tugging on your heart to sponsor a child, though, click HERE.   

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