Monday, December 17, 2012

$100 Needed

The short story is, I need to raise $100 through my blog as a Compassion blogger.  Will you help me?

Click on the picture here:

I need 10 of my readers to buy a $10 gift from the above picture link or here.  This makes it so they know if I, being one of their bloggers, brought in the hundred bucks I need to.  The $10 gift is:

Provide garden seeds for a family in Africa:

OR, 4 of my readers could buy a $25 gift.
Provide a first time HIV test for a child.
 $25 also provides food and water for a family during the most urgent needs; such as earthquake, flood or volcanic eruption. 

2 of you could buy a $50 gift:
Emergency shelter for a family when disaster strikes!

Or just one person could help build a water reservoir for four families with $100:
The one gift my sons keep asking to get anyone they want to get a gift for:

I don't know why safe drinking water for an entire family; which they then share with their neighbors, has struck a cord with my sons but I'm grateful. 

Today, would you please take a moment and look through this catalog and either you or perhaps your child, could select a gift for someone, print out a card from the huge selections of cards online and help make a difference?

If you do, would you be so kind as to leave a comment (anonymously is fine) telling me how much your gift was so we can track together?  Make up a name, whatever, but just let me know that you clicked on the link from this blog and we'll celebrate lives being changed together.


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