Thursday, December 06, 2012

Cupcakes for Homeless

There are many things I appreciate about private Christ centered education.  Depending on the day, my answer varies.  Today, though, I want to show you a picture of some cupcakes my boys, 5 & 8 years old decorated for a cupcake contest that is being held tonight. 

All of the cupcakes entered in the contest are being donated to our local homeless shelter for the men to enjoy. 

Here are the rules in which they followed to a "T:"

~  Four cupcakes must be decorated by the child with only a little help from an adult.  Let me tell you, there was VERY little help done by an adult on these.  The boys did 99.9% of the decorating!

~ Cupcakes must be decorated to the theme, "THE REAL MEANING OF CHRISTMAS."

Have you ever thought of how to decorate cupcakes with the real meaning of Christmas?  Well, we have and let me tell you how it went!

Idea:  Let's do a green tree.  Me: Tell me, what does a green tree have to do with the real meaning of Christmas?  Boys:  Presents!  Me: Is that the real meaning of Christmas?  Boys: Sigh, "No."

Idea:  Angel!!!  Me: How are you going to make an angel?  Boys: "Uh... not sure."  Me: "Me neither."

Idea: Cross!  Me: How does a cross mean Christmas?  Boys:  Well, he had to be born in order for Him to save us by dying on the cross.  Me:  So true.  Go for it!  1 cupcake done!

Idea: Snowman!  Me: Again, tell me how a snowman goes with the real meaning of Christmas.  Boys: "It doesn't."  Me: moving on...

Idea: Heart.  Me: And a heart goes with the real meaning of Christmas how?  Boy 1: Jesus loves us so the heart is His love for us.  Boy 2: yeah, that.  and also that I love Jesus and am sharing His love with others.  Me: Perfect!  Cupcake 2 done!

Idea: Reindeer.  Me:  Really?  Boys: No.  Me: Good, because I would have NO idea how to tell you to make a reindeer.  Boys giggle.

Idea: Santa:  Me:  For real?  Boys:  Well, he does bring presents to good boys and girls.  Me: And this is the real meaning of Christmas?  Boys: We can try it... Me: I thought we only pretended in Santa?!?!  Boys: Well, we do so we probably shouldn't make a santa one since he's not even real.  Me:  I agree.

Idea: Star.  Me: Like a star on top of the Christmas tree?  Boys:  No, for the star that was above the stable that led the Shepherds and wise men!  Me: Cool!  Cupcake 3 complete.

Idea: boxes with bows.  Me: For the real meaning of Christmas?  Boys: no, just for fun.  Me: How about we save that one for another time then?  Boys, "oh okay." with heavy sighs.

Idea: a manger!  Me: And how on earth would we make one of those on a cupcake?  Boys: make an "x" and then draw hay on top of it!  Me: and you think you can do this?  Boys: "YES!"  Me: then by all means - GO FOR IT!  DH came up with the idea to color coconut yellow for the hay and broke pretzels to make the manger.  Chocolate sprinkles make up the dirt for a complete manger look.  #4 cupcake is finished.

Yes, they did the same things.  No, they probably won't win the decorating contest.  They really don't care!  What I heard them say was, "The men will like them and they taste really good.  I had one to make sure." 

So, for several days, we hashed out ideas on what they could to do portray the REAL meaning of Christmas on top of a cupcake done by their little hands and an uncreative moma who despises making cupcakes with a passion.  *Thanks to my moma for baking the little rascals for us!

So, here you have my boys being excited to decorate cupcakes that are being donated to the rescue mission and that is #itsaboutgiving in action!!! 

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  1. Awesome cupcakes and a wonderful lesson learned - but maybe the boys were teaching us a lesson we all need to remember. Thanks for sharing and hope they win!


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