Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Than Me

“It’s the only night that we are all home.” is a commonsentence when kids are in sports and a family is involved in their church.  At least it is for us!  For us, last night happens to be the onlynight we would all be together for any amount of time before I leave forEcuador.  Between track practice gettingover and Sky getting home and Paco leaving for basketball practice and Wednesdaynight church activities, we have a booked week. 

Last night was the designated eve to sit down and write outnotes to Roosbell and decide what of the gift already purchased did they wantto give him.  I wasn’t surprised when Skypicked “Jesus Calling” in Spanish since she reads that particular devotionalevery day.  Nor was I particularlysurprised with both boys wanted to give him the soccer ball and practice net.  I was surprised when I mentioned in passingthat we hadn’t exchanged one of Jav’s Christmas gifts yet for the Lego's hewants and it was too bad I couldn’t fit those into the suitcase for Roosbell,that Jav says, “It’s okay, Pac, you can give him the soccer ball.  I want to give him my Lincoln Logs; eventhough I really like them because it has dynamite with it and you get to blowthings up.”  

Wait, hadn’t I just said there wasn’t room to take them?  Um, now what? “So, if there is room in the suitcase you’d like to give Roosbell yourLincoln Logs instead of getting a gift for yourself?”  

“Yeah, he probably doesn’t have anything as cool as that andI have lots of cool toys.”

“Great.” I say in mymind and not out loud.  What do I do now?

Easy.  Find room forLincoln Logs.  There was no choice for meafter seeing him dictate the following words to his Papi for the card,

                “ Ireally want to give you these toys to make houses, Lincoln Logs.  I love playing with them, too.  I love you, Roosbell.  With love, Javier.”  “Me encanta dar te los juguetespara construir una casa , los Lincoln logs. A mi me gusta jugar con ellos tambien. Te amo, Roosbell.  Con amor,Javier”

Oh, my aching heart! 

ThenJesus said, "Leave the children alone, and don't try to keep them fromcoming to Me, because the kingdom of heaven is made up of people likethis."  Matthew 19:14 HCSB

I have a lot to learn and it would be very prudent of me totake stock of what my children do every day that show be as a living examplehow I should live.

To think I am surrounded by such tender hearted, generouspeople who love Jesus so much that it never enters their minds that we shouldn’tgive out of our abundance because they have never feared being withoutanything.  This is more than me!  This is more than me!  This is more than anything any human being could even try to teach.  It's so much more than me.  Thank You, Jesus, it's more than me.

I will be taking their strength and encouragement with me toEcuador and if I am having a hard time all I will have to do is picture whatthey would do in that situation and then do that.  I can’t go wrong if I love like they do. 



  1. Stephanie Green3:59 PM

    Love it, Joy! You'll get to meet my 10 year old in a few days and she is showing me a thing or two, as well, as we prepare for the journey to Ecuador. We can learn a lot from our children! Good luck squeezing in those Lincoln Logs because they DO have to go with you :-)

  2. Anonymous3:59 PM

    So looking forward to meeting you in Ecuador and "sharing" kids! God has so much to show us and your "home kids" are starting you well for the voyage! :)

  3. Thanks, my new Compassion friends!

  4. The Hubby7:27 PM

    We have such amazing kids, thanks to you baby!

  5. alfreda9:24 PM

    So much enjoyed reading this blog, so proud of my Lujan family & what God is doing in & through their lives. God is most certainly good.


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