Monday, March 04, 2013

¡Glory a Dios!

Meeting Roosbell tonight is something I will never forget.

He saw me first and was waving & waving. As soon as I saw him, I knew it was him.

In 5 years since we started sponsoring him, he has grown into such a young man! So polite, pulling the chair out for me.

He just kept hugging me & kidding my cheek. Again & again. He held me so tightly, like he just didn't want to stop. We cried together, held each other & got reacquainted in person.

His aunt came with him & she speaks quite a bit of English. We have a wonderful translator, too.

We had a nice dinner & just kept hugging each other.

Tomorrow, we will talk more, get more personal, speak of spiritual matters & play! Soccer & swimming are on the agenda for sure.

What a wonderful experience! Praising Jesus for this opportunity.



  1. The Hubby10:57 PM

    Roosbell, you look amazing mijo! So happy that you are a part of our family too. Great post and pictueea Joy. You Just made my day!

  2. Alfreda7:35 PM

    Thankful that you got to make this trip to see Roosbell. What a blessing you are to each other & all of us will be even more blessed when you get home & we see your pictures & hear more of the story. Loves


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