Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Visit

Butterflies in my tummy made it hard to fasten my earrings.

Tears so close to the surface a kind word or living understanding look had them spilling over the rim.

He was in the last bus and the 30 minute wait seemed to take forever.

And then he was there! Waving & smiling & hugging & kidding.

We spent the morning in the pool. Raced the length of the pool... He is a very good & fast swimmer! Visited while we tossed his new soccer ball back & forth (He loves it Paco!). The time passed quickly and soon it was time to eat lunch. I knew that it was almost time to say goodbye when lunch came but he showed me how to stay in the moment.

He thought my notebook with tons of questions was funny... Pretty soon he'd say, "next question?"

After eating roasted chicken, rice & veggies, I pulled out the gifts.

His aunt was shocked at the suitcase for the family.

He opened the backpack & with each item, he wanted to know the reason or story behind the gift. Hugs & kisses were lavished upon me with each gift. It was amazing.

Way too soon, it was time to say goodbye. How do you say goodbye to someone you may never see again.., someone you pray for everyday & just met them in the flesh?

We held each other tightly; thanking God for the opportunity to be with each other in person. I cried a lot. He cried a little. His aunt just kept saying, "thank you."

I bumbled through a farewell prayer. Blew my nose in the pool towel. Gave as many hugs & kisses as I could in moments.

He waved all the way to the gate. I'm talking arm raised as high as it could go, waving to me.

Then, he was gone.

And I wept.



  1. alfreda6:37 AM

    Joy, this is beautiful, you did such a good job of sharing this so all your world will know just how you felt. Tears are streaming down my face too as I realize your dream came true of seeing your Compassion $'s in work in & through Roosbell. Love you

  2. Your Proud Husband7:17 AM

    Such a wonderfully shared experience. Thanks for being such an amazing person. I am sure Roosbell wept as he rode away and kniw he will cherish your time together forever. I love you.

  3. Dear Joy, Thank you so much for sharing about your very special meeting yesterday with Roosbell. What a blessing you were to each other! I wonder how we would be changed if all of our meetings with one another were considered that holy? I am praying for you as you finish up your trip and return home. I'm sure you'll be coming back with a heart fuller than you could have imagined. :) With love, grace, peace, and mercy,
    Your Friend,

  4. Pat Hogan1:42 PM

    That is so precious, Joy. Will continue to pray for you. I'm sending this to Mom!


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