Thursday, March 07, 2013


Waste, everywhere I look. Water, food, money, time.

I'm angry. Angry that people are so oblivious to the needs of others. Angry I can drink water with ice. Angry I can flush toilet paper. Angry I can do so much with so little... If I choose.

Then The Light shines and tells me I am doing my part. I am making a difference. He wanted me to be born in the USA and not Ecuador, Haiti, Uganda or any other third world country. I am right where He wants me. As long as I continue to be obedient, I am where He wants me.

Be patient with me, friends. I have some adjusting to do transitioning back from thinking & seeing Compassion releasing children from poverty in Jesus name to seeing waste everywhere my eyes rest.

One thing, the next time you eat out & can't finish all the food; if you don't take it home to eat it yourself, box it up & give it to someone on the street in the side of town you don't normally drive in. Or maybe you do & you can picture a face right now of someone you know would appreciate the food.

Thanks for grace.



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