Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Te amo mucho

I lost track of the number of hugs, kisses & te amo (I love you) my Roosbell gave me.

If you've ever had a "fake hug," you know the kind that is weak... A little pat... A side arm squeeze; then you know when you've been "love hugged."

How many nearly 13 year old boys do you know who would "love hug" someone they just met? Me neither.

On our first evening together, my boy showed me his folder that held all of his letters from us. He quickly pulled out the first one that had a picture of us (Jav was a babe in arms & all 6 kids were still at home.) and I was able to show him the Spanish written was by my hubby! He was so excited to learn that.

He showed me an honor award he received from school, too. It was time to go & he was to bring it all back the next day.... But he forgot. Boo!

He told me that when he got back to his hotel, he put all of his pictures & letters from us in the new binder I had for him. Wow.

We spoke on many subjects: school, dreams (he wants to be a plastic surgeon), fears (drugs & alcohol), girls (I wasn't that excited to hear he has a 15 year old girlfriend), money (thinking of getting a job), chores...

He loves math. Yellow is his favorite color but his soccer team is blue (Go Barcelona!).

I feel like I can write him so much better now. To hear first hand the difference letters make... And to meet your sponsor in person, well, it is life changing! For both the child & for the sponsor.

I'm leaving a part of my heart here in Ecuador; but I am ready to come home.


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