Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mutually Encouraged Part 2

Part 1 that I shared last night at Buen Samiritano:

then added:

Thank You, Jesus!  The verse He drew me to and the words in our own mission statement repeated and drove home my take-away... We are ministering every single day.  We don't have to go to another country to fulfill our mission but wherever we are called to be on that given day, share a spiritual gift with another so that they can be blessed and then we both will be encouraged and comforted by our own faith.  

Now that I am here, getting to know you, I am more than encouraged by your faith & the work God is doing in you; I am challenged!  You have shown me that I am lacking in some areas, like your weekly prayer & fasting time at Nueva Esperanza.  I know that when I get back home, The Lord will reveal more areas in my life that He wants me to grow.  

I will never forget my 3 weeks here in Peru.  The friendships I have made, like with Victoria, rebekah, olinda & so many more of my Peru brothers & sisters are ones I will treasure.

Thank you for loving me.  My parents were not exaggerating when they described your love & friendship.  

God is doing amazing things in your lives!  Don't stop now.  Share the good news with others... in church, across your street, throughout Peru and around the World.  You are an encouragement to me & I thank God for you!

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