Sunday, May 19, 2013

Twisted Guts from Tacna

Twisted guts: That feeling in the pit of your stomach when your guts are all tied in knots and the ache that accompanies it in your heart. (Adj.)

Tacna is our last big stop on our three week trek in Peru.  After a wonderful worship service, a delicious meal of chicken soup followed by fried octopus and freshly fried corn nuts was cut short in a rush to make the bus to Ilo.  A flood of goodbyes, well wishes, God blesses and come visit agains filled my ears and my heart.  

Oh, the love.  It truly is nearly indescribable.  Sincere smiles, cheek to cheek kisses, hands in hands, arms in arms from one brother or sister to the next and then again.

They didn't want us leave, and I wasn't ready to.  Too fast.  So many faces.. What if I can't keep the name with the right person?  What if we don't connect on Facebook, will I ever see them again?  

Experiencing first hand the love I was given has planted a seed that is being watered with each person I meet.  A seed with the desire and prayer that I might someday visit my family here again and introduce my dear husband, my children and oh the joy if my parents could come again, too.

As I wrestle with the pain of goodbyes, I am praying that the Lord will keep our heart strings tied and I can get to know my new hermanos better through our use of technology.

Adios, Tacna.  Until we meet again, keep the faith, stay strong and let's keep in touch.  I will remember to pray for you.  That I can promise.

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