Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dressing Your Truth: Type 2

Mel is a sweet type 2 young lady.  Her nature is different than mine (thank goodness!) and the balance she brings to our family is unparallelled. 

See her transformation:

4th Grade: 

 5th Grade:

Both girls in the wrong types/colors:
 She says she liked the ruffles... (9th Grade)

Christmas dress 11th Grade:

Senior Year Dress-Up:

Baccalaureate Dress: (pretty close to her colors and style) 

Senior Trip: Great color of fleece on her!

Oops!  My poor baby girls are all washed out. 

Dressing True!  

Dressing True and feeling/looking GREAT!
 New birthday gifts in my type!
 Feeling F-I-N-E.

Elegant.  Peaceful.  Comfortable.  That's our Mel.
(I'll see if she wants to write a guest post about what it felt like to relive her journey!)


  1. Anonymous5:28 PM

    This is Daughter (19) AKA Mel

    Dressing Your Truth has helped me out alot. I used to dress like a Type 4 or a Type 1 alot. I never really felt great in anything i wore and I constantly felt like a different person than who I really was.
    Dressing Your Truth has helped me express myself when I didnt know how before. Now, I am WAY more confident in who I am and I love being my gentle Type 2 self! I love the way I look and feel all the time. It has brought out a side of me that I didnt really know i had, a side of me that I love!

  2. Your daughter is breathtaking! And I love what she wrote above! She loves the way she looks and feels and life can't get any better than that. <3


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