Monday, August 12, 2013

How Do You Prepare for Good-bye?

This question has been on my heart for the last several weeks: "How do you prepare for goodbye?"  You see, my girl is getting ready to leave again and honestly, my heart just hurts.  Even now, tears sting my eyes.  Painfully sting.

Last year we knew it would be hard, but we had no idea but we were in for when she moved so far away.  This year, we know.

Last year, I wrote her a letter that I re-read and if I wasn't crying hard before, I sure am now!

We know that it just flat-out hurts.
We know that you matter how great technology is, it does not replace our face-to-face talks; hugs; holding hands moments; kisses goodnight.

Texts are short.  Things get missed and we think we have told each other something only to find out later that we hadn't.  

We just didn't do a great job of truly staying connected and the thought of another year like that just about breaks this momas's heart!

The only thing I have found to help me prepare for her leaving is reading scripture and praying.  Believe me, I'm grateful I have those things and the faith that God will continue to change us more and more into His image.

For you see, she's not a little girl anymore.  When we left her in Kansas last fall, she was scared, unsure, and homesick.  

When she came home, she was confident, more mature and had experienced a heartbreak that broke my heart, too.  She got a job that none of us would willingly want and she stuck with it; showing how much she has grown up!  Being a field hand is a thankless job.

My 48 hours with her in Oregon before I left for Peru was definitely a gift from God.  While I was gone, she stepped right in to her "little mama" role.  Her younger siblings love having her home.  

We all do.

She brings something to the table, that is desperately needed in our family. And we miss her sorely when she's gone.  

She's peaceful.  She's comforting.  She doesn't rock the boat; she calms the waters.  She helps balance our family.

In less than a week, she will board a plane and we will hug and cry and kiss and hug some more.  I know that we will both be big girls.  I know that we have learned from our mistakes.  

I'm trusting God to be the bridge between our hearts and span the miles between us.  

God speed.

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  1. the Hubby6:08 PM

    My little girl has grown into a young woman. Thanks for being the moma she needed, to be the woman she's become. I can't thank you enough honey.

    I will miss her dearly, but, I am grateful she is courageous enough to finish what God has planned for her.


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