Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Journey with "Dressing Your Truth" Part I

As I searched back in my electronic archives to find pictures of just me; they are few and far between.  I know a lot of that was intentional and I prefer to be the one taking the pictures instead of having my picture taken.

What I found though, amazed me.  I have always worn black (who hasn't, right?) but I haven't always worn it correctly.  Going through the pictures, I was shocked at how quickly how I was feeling at the time came back to me.  I went through a yo-yo weight period between my two babies and as I come upon my year anniversary of my weight loss goal, I am hopeful that the yo-yo string has worn out and no longer works!

I saw in pictures that even at my heavy times, when I dressed true to me, I felt different.  When I just had clothes on, trying to look good, I didn't feel good, period.  All of those feelings came rushing back.  The smiles - the cringes.  It has been an interesting morning, for sure.

I am going to be brave and try to walk through this journey for the past 6ish years.  I learned of the "Dressing Your Truth" types the summer of 2012.  I am a type 4 energy person.  (So is my mother!)  I also plan to walk through the process of my accepting my children's types and what our journey has been together.

2007: wearing black but it has way too much brown and gold on it.  
I felt "okay" in it.  Probably because I had lost most of my "baby weight" and felt good about that.   

2008: wrong shirt, all around.  I liked it because it was a nursing shirt.
 May 2008: Ugh.  I remember hating how I looked this day.  
I'm in a muted (felt faded; wasn't) shirt.
 Dec 2008: Felt pretty good!  The jewelery is a little off for me.  
My man got it for me and I wore it but have since given it to our
type 2 daughter.  She loves it!  I remember feeling great on this date.
 Aug. 2009: hair cut, loving my dress!  (My T2 daughter has her own journey...)
 Nov. 2009: tried to feel good in shirt, but didn't.  
I know my sweet T2 daughter was miserable and my awesome type 3 daughter was in pain. 
 I personally hated the high collar, the detail around the arm holes (it had a little button!) and the feel of it. 

 Easter 2010: (yo-yo weight gaining) and didn't really like the top.  
The print is tiny and the attached jewel thing was really heavy.  
I felt okay but that was it.
Christmas 2010: I loved the color of this top - hated the ruffles.  
Again, I felt okay but not great. 
Christmas 2011: I actually felt good!  I know my top has gold in it instead of silver and my skirt
is way too heavy of fabric and style and it's gold.  
I am not sure why I felt good, 
but I did. 
June 2012: my half-way mark in my weight loss.
When shopping for my dress for our sons' wedding, 
we were searching for a champagne color.  Everything I tried I felt 
huge and ugly in.  Nothing worked.  I was in tears; my moma was about in tears.
I kept thinking; how can this be?  I met my first weight-loss goal?!?!
We had just about given up when God truly steered me into Maurices.
I never shop there.  I always walk on by.  God led me into the store, though.
We tried on a few dresses and our amazing sales (young) lady was awesome.
We found one that "would work."  I don't even remember what color it was.  
She said she'd back and handed me a dress from "the back."  
I put it on and....
tears of joy!  We both knew in seconds that it was "the one!"
(It's now too big but I can't get rid of it.)

Christmas 2012!  I feel AMAZING!!!
My shirt feels good, my skirt feels good, I feel FANTASTIC!
 I went from someone who hid from the camera on solo pictures
to taking selfies!  I wear my glasses more, too.
 Here I am wearing my personal energy color (my scarf) and 
my beautiful moma being true to her, too!
We LOVE this picture of us!

My husband is a supporter of Dressing Your Truth.  He has seen it transform me and his two daughters.  It's not about shopping.  It's not about vanity.  It's about the freedom to be me.  The freedom to be you.  When I am suited up correctly from the inside - out; I feel it.  I am able communicate better and others are able to "take me" better.

I'll share some more "after" photos soon from a "photo shoot" I had with my hubby.  The first time I had my picture taken and while it was "odd" for me; it wasn't a terrible experience.  In fact, I'll be so bold as to say, "I like the pictures!"

I can't wait to show some of my daughters before and after pictures. 

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  1. Amazing. What an incredible post! I can definitely see how you shine dressing your truth. Stunning!


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