Monday, September 02, 2013

"Muffin Pan Eggs"

If any of you follow me on Pinterest, you will see that I spent "a little bit of time" looking at breakfast yesterday.  That led me to actually try making something versus just "pinning" it.

So, here's my experience on eggs in a muffin pan.

Using a dozen eggs, cream, zucchini, ham, garlic, pinch of salt and nice amount of pepper;
throw everything in the mixer:

Ham and half my zucchini:

Oil my pan:

everything all mixed up:

1/4 cup was the perfect amount to go in my pan!

I had some egg goo leftover so I got out my new egg cooker from Pampered Chef:
3/4 cup was left so this batch makes 15 muffins:

Sprinkle tops with cheese; taking care to discard any green or fuzzy pieces:

2.5 minutes in the microwave and this bad boy was done!

28 minutes at 350 degrees plus 2 minutes at broil got these beauties just how I wanted them.
I left the rack in the middle and just turned the oven to broil.  It provided the browning I wanted without the stone being too close to the coils.  Again, only two minutes!

Save the remaining two cups of zucchini for another meal:

We enjoyed a delicious brunch on the balcony. 

They would have eaten more, I think!
Lesson - let the muffins sit for a few minutes before removing them from the pan.  They came out much easier when we came back for seconds than when I rushed them out:

Simply, put, these were a hit and they can't wait for me to make them again!  WHOO HOO! 

Not all time is wasted on pinterest!

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