Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Salsa Verde - Thanks Pinterest!

I was gifted Canning for a New Generation and have drooled over what to make out of it.  I was wasting time on Pinterest the other day and came across a salsa verde recipe that looked delicious.  Kept reading and saw that Ladyface Blog had gotten her yummy recipe from none other than the cookbook I have on my own shelf! 

Just in time, I got 10 pounds of organic tomatillos ordered for $14.00.  I had my onions and garlic on hand; as well as our jalapenos and serano peppers in the garden.  I had organic lime juice on hand but checked and it's $4.25 for 16 oz and I used a good 12 ounces of it. 

Looks like I have around $20 of cash invested in this recipe plus on hand stuff.  I know there is a dollar amount to that but I don't feel like figuring out how much my three onions cost.  To figure my labor on the garden produce - well, that's priceless so we better stick with cash.

I tripled the recipe and should have gotten 12 pints.  I got 10 1/2.  I only canned 10 pints because we're going to eat this heavenly goodness tonight; all half-pint of it!

I'm no math geek but I do believe that comes out to $2 a pint.  Other organic salsa sells for $4 - $4.25 for 16 oz.  Again, I'm no genius but I do believe I just cut the price in half!  Plus, I know exactly what went in our salsa!  I'm so excited!!!  The flavor is unbelievable and I can't wait to eat more tonight - that isn't off the spoon. 

Just another post that pinterest is always wasted if it eventually leads to action.  I just need to remind my husband of this everytime we open a jar!

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  1. The Hubby7:30 PM

    Consider me reminded.
    Great job, best Salsa Verde I've had in a long time.

    You go girl!


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