Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Steve's Salsa

I have tried salsa recipes for years. It seems like I never have good luck canning them.  One of my friends shared this recipe and it gets rave reviews!

Steve's Salsa

24 Large tomatoes (Leave the skins on them and cut the tomatoes into at least quarters, if not smaller, for what size you want your "chunks" to be.  I had little guys so I went by 24 cups, thinking one large tomato diced equals about a cup.)

6-12 Jalapeno peppers (Six for mild and remove the seeds, I used six and left the seeds in going for a "medium", use 12 for hot.)

6 Medium onions (I used two Gargantuan ones!) 

3 large green peppers (I used two large ones because green peppers aren't my favorite.)

3 cloves garlic (I used 4 because while I don't love green peppers, I do love garlic.)

1 cup Vinegar 

1/3 cup sugar

3 Tablespoons salt

3 Tablespoons oregano

3 Tablespoons cumin

Once the tomatoes were diced, I got out the food processor and let it do the chopping for me.  In went the jalapenos, onions, peppers & garlic.  Of course, this was done in batches...

To the chopped ingredients, I added the vinegar, sugar, salt, oregano & cumin.  I stirred that up very well then I added all of the diced tomatoes; after I drained 1 1/2 cups of juice off them.  (I let them sit for a while as I visited with a friend and when I came back there was quite a bit of liquid. This is how much easily poured off.)

Liquid drained off:

Stir it all up!

From there I filled the pint jars, put the lids on them as one does when canning, set them in the water-bath filled with cold water.  (Just enough water so it covers the tops of all the jars.). 

I turned the burner on, brought it to a hard boil, set the timer for 20 minutes, and that batch is complete!

This made 13 pints of salsa.

Cost analysis:

Tomatoes - from my garden, priceless, but for the sake of a figure, we'll say FREE
Jalapenos - again, from my garden
ORGANIC Green Peppers, 3/$1 so, .66 (clearance at local market!)
garlic - .59
The vinegar, sugar*, salt, cumin* & oregano* are things I just have on hand.
Cost of lids: $1.86/box

Total out-of-pocket expense: $3.11 for 13 pints of salsa.  That's 23 cents per pint of NON GMO, home-grown, as good as it gets salsa!!!

*organic ingredients

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