Saturday, November 02, 2013

Pumpkin Soup

Using the base recipe from Dr. Oz that I found on Pinterest, I then made the soup "my own".
I thawed out the pumpkin purée I did earlier this fall and put it in my stockpot.
(Please, compliment me on my fabulous photography skills today.  I know you are in awe.)  

I heated up the puree with the chicken stock that the base recipe calls for.  I searched online and decided I liked the 1 lb roasted pumpkin = 1 cup puree so that's what I did.  (I doubled this recipe.)

While the onions and garlic roasted  in the oven, I added 2 teaspoons of tumeric and a overflowing tablespoon of honey to the pumpkin mixture.  

Once the onions and garlic are roasted, puree them in a blender and then add them to your pumpkin mixture!  I added a couple cups of puree to the blender to make it easier to blend it all up.  By covering the blender with a cloth, you can prevent the lid of the blender from popping off like a rocket and splattering hot goo all over you and your kitchen!  I'm a fast learner; as in, I've only done that ONCE! 

Last but NOT LEAST, add a few dashes of hot sauce to the whole pot.  Our "go-to" is Tapatio.


This is very affordable pot of soup:
Pumpkin Puree figures out to: 6 cups puree at .04/ounce = $1.92
Onions = free from the side of the road
Garlic = not sure have it on hand
Tapatio = the whole bottle cost .51 so hardly anything at all
Tumeric = not sure because I have it on hand.

I love that everything I used in this soup I have and in 30 minutes total, I have a delicious pot of soup that is not only good for our bodies but for our budget; as well.   

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  1. The Hubby6:33 PM

    It looks and sounds delicious. Can't wait to get some.
    You rock Moma Joy!


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