Monday, October 21, 2013

Organic Pumpkin Puree

Our wonderful local market has organic pumpkins for sale right now at a great price!  .29/lb to be exact.  I bought two basketball sized pumpkins and brought them home to make some puree. 

After I baked them until they were fork tender (removing the seeds and cleaning off the stringy stuff, cut in two), I used a spoon to remove the skin and used the food processor to puree it up.

From these two pumpkins, I got 14 cups of puree.  I put 2 cups in each baggy and here is my price breakdown:

16 oz baggy versus 15 oz of organic canned pumpkin.
$5 got me both pumpkins!
With 14 cups I figure that out to be 112 ounces of puree.  Divide $5/112 and I come up with .04 per ounce.  Each baggy is worth .64!  Compare that to store bought organic pumpkin puree (on sale right now) at $1.85 per can comes out to .12/ounce! 

I'm no mathematician but I do believe I just tripled my money!  WHOO HOO!

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