Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Reviewing Life

I have been working on these priorities for a couple of years now.  Here is a recap from 2012 & 2013:

2013 was a growth year for me in many ways.  I traveled to both Ecuador and Peru without any of my family.  I loved re-reading my posts from these experiences.

Meeting Roosbell: 
A few of my Arequipa Friends:

~ Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University Baby Step #3; which is 3-6 months of living expenses saved. We need to complete #2; which is be debt free - we are on our final debt (besides mortgage). We did not move on to step #3 yet.  One of the first things I need to do is get back to our paper budget again.  It only works if you do it!

Continue Bible Studies and continue to work on a strong foundation so when the walls fall down I'm still standing firm.  In 2013, I worked through Beth Moore's Jesus, the One and Only, Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gift Study over the summer and started Beth's Daniel: Lives of Integrity - Words of Prophecy in the fall.  
Memorize Scripture!  I had lofty dreams in the beginning but ended with the thought that any scriptures I memorized was more than I had in 2012.  That being said, I am determined to memorize more scriptures this year.  I have already printed off the verses and have "joined" #TheJesusProject and #MemoryProject2014.  The goal is to learn the words of Jesus from the book of John.  So far so good, I am 1/1!
Count #1000gifts - I documented 733.  Close, but not 1000.  I have started over in the counting area and will endeavor to document #1000gifts in 2014.  Using the app on my phone made it much easier to do than when I was writing them down on paper. 
Spanish - It became apparent to me while in Ecuador and Peru that my private study has taken me as far as it can right now.  I really need time just speaking Spanish with someone who will lovingly correct me. 
Get in shape!  God has given me the strength to maintain my weight loss.  I feel great but am not "in shape." 

Maintain these accomplished priorities: YES! to all!!!
~ Chickens: we got baby chicks for the first time and they started laying over Thanksgiving break!
~ Garden: my Dad is my big helper with this.  He had major surgery last summer so between that and my travels, the garden supplied our tomato needs but the rest was just table eating food. 
~ Healthy Wholesome Eating - Organic: When I can't get (or afford) the organic, we buy non GMO.
~ Quilting/Sewing: I did one major quilt in 2013.
~ Green Living: I hope this never changes...

Relax.  I've tried to be intentional about my time but know I have a lot of room to improve here.
Here is "Beauty" formerly known as "The Beast."
80" x 100"
Cornucopia French Braid Quilt using purple batiks.
I made it for our son:

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  1. The Hubby6:42 PM

    Great post baby. You are amazing and an inspiration to many of us.
    I Love You!


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