Friday, January 10, 2014

Top Posts of 2013:

Here are the blog posts that were read the most last year:

#1 read post was Dressing Your Truth Type 3.  It describes my (now 16) year old and our journey with her living her true nature.

Second most read post was about my journey and dressing my truth.

I am not surprised that the top three read posts are about living and dressing true to own self.  The third top read post is Mel's Type 2 journey

If you haven't read these, I think you'll enjoy them.  If you want information on dressing your own truth and living true to your own nature, just click here

Here is a picture taken Christmas Eve of the three of us dressing our truth. 

The fourth most read post from 2013 was Quaker Girl's Journey to Lent.

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