Saturday, March 08, 2014

Reality Sets In

After a peaceful day and night yesterday, this morning, we awoke to reality.

No T.V. for the little man.  Oops, guess he forgot about Saturdays and feast day isn't until tomorrow...

So, we talked and he expressed to me that he really wanted some extra snuggle time with me in bed and we needed to watch TV to do that. 

I thought quick and said, "Let's read together instead!"  Another good thing is I got a new book for him from the library yesterday.

We got our books and nestled in together and read until he was ready to get up and start his day.

It was AWESOME!  He'd laugh reading and share it with me and it was better than any episode on the screen. 

So, reality is setting in on what we're really fasting from and I think as we keep addressing the hiccups and why and talk about it and re-focus on Jesus and the price he paid for us, we will do okay.

I saw this on a sign today,

"Our salvation is free - but Jesus paid a heavy price for it." 

#LentChallenge #Lentproblems

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