Saturday, March 08, 2014

Family Date Night!

We had a WONDERFUL date last night with the kids. My dear hubby and I decided that we would put as much effort into our plans with the kids as we do when we have our date night.  So, after getting feedback from the kids, we made a night of it! 
We started with swimming at the Y.  I didn't get out of the hot tub so let's treat the word "swimming" as an idea, not the literal meaning, okay? 
From there, we loaded in the car and drove to the burger joint, owned and operated by our friends in the neighboring town. 
Then, we drove to the cheap seats movie theater but knowing we were a little late, we reached a consensus to go get ice cream and go home.
Yummy cones from Arctic Circle were consumed, some faster than others, and we went home.
Then, we played Mexican Train Dominoes!  Yes, it was very, very late. 
To end our wonderful evening together, we all crammed into our bed and snuggled in for our chapter time!
We took turns reading and it was pretty neat. 

By the time we got done reading Matthew 12-18, gradually, eyes closed and I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of my peaceful family, asleep in my bed. 

I had another son on the other side of my but you can see by the lighting and poor quality of photos that I wasn't working with the best of light.  So, my other boy is asleep with his face under the covers next to me. 

Good day.


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