Monday, May 12, 2014

No Mistake.

I saw "Mom's Night Out."  Two times.  First, the premier or sneak peak with some friends. 
Yesterday, I took my Mom for Mother's Day.  I highly recommend this new movie.  We laughed and I cried.  I mean, I cried hard; from the beginning.  When others in the theater were laughing, I cried.  Why?  I related to the stressed out, “Hulk” mom that Ally was.  I was embarrassed knowing I have said, acted, and looked like she did.  Understand I am not being hard on myself.  I am being honest.   

When I was little, I told my Mom “I want lots of babies.”  Here response was that she was not going to help me with them.  According to her, I was quick to respond with, “Fine.  I’ll do it by myself!” 

I have “lots” of babies.  Six, to be exact.  I did not get them all as infants but they were babies regardless of their age when I became their mama.  My Mom helps me out every single day.  I could not do it with her (or my dad!). 

The question that haunts my thoughts on any given day is, "Am I enough?" 
Satan lurks about looking to steal, kill, and destroy.  He succeeds each time I believe the lie.  The lie that I am not enough.  That God made a mistake making me the mama to these wonderful children; regardless of their ages. 
Each day I have a choice to make.  Sometimes it is by the hour or half-hour or on THOSE days, it might be by the minute.  The choice I get to make is: "Will I buy the lie?"  Or, "Will I choose joy?" 
The days that I greet my children with a smile before the volcano erupts can be marked a "good day."  The day you find me curled up in the fetal position hiding from myself... well, you get the idea.
I have each of those days and everywhere else on the spectrum of emotions.  Some days are AWESOME!  Some are simply, awful.  Which am I going to remember and reflect on?
Today... I chose joy.  Well, at least in this moment that is where I am. 
#momsnightout is worth seeing...again and again. 


  1. Thank you once again Joy! I needed to hear that today and pretty much everyday as I relate to every single thing you said. It is a choice and some days, hours, minutes it feels like a very hard choice. Thank you!!!

    1. The more we "air our dirty laundry" the more we see the real us, I hope. We need encouragement to move on; not dwell on! Enjoy the sun.

  2. Beautiful Joy! I love reading your blogs. So much truth.


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