Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust

Okay, hit play for a minute or so and get the tune back in your head, as if it could ever leave.  Smile at the totally awesome video and moves.  The way Queen shows off their riffs and struts the stage should bring a smile to your 1980 memory. 

Now, picture my husband singing the chorus as I'm on a mommy rampage. 

I've seen it happen.  I start in on one kid and the rest don't stand a chance. 

Now, read these lyrics,
There are many ways you can hurt a man and bring him to the ground,
You can beat him, you can cheat him, you can treat him bad,
And leave him when he's down...
Ouch.  I have seen the body count pile up as I wounded my children with my words. 

You see, I don't have this whole motherhood thing figured out.  I've really only been at it for 12 years now and honestly, that's just not long enough! 

But, I have learned some things:

1) I was wrong.  I am wrong.
2) Asking my children to forgive me for my hurtful words is very important but it doesn't un-say what was said.  It can't erase the memory or the wound.
3) That being said, wounds heal. 
4) Some wounds completely heal and some leave scars.
5) When I see a scar from a wound I made, I don't need to re-open it.  Just learn from it and move on.
6) Seek forgiveness as quickly as possible. 

I am learning to let some things go.  I screw up.  I admit it.  They love hearing me say, "I was wrong." and come to them as a human who messes up. 

I have the opportunity to change the lyrics from "Another One Bites the Dust" to "Another mom bites her tongue!" 

It's not as catchy but if it lowers the body count then I'm all for learning a new ditty! 

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  1. The Hubby9:43 AM

    Love that song, but not as much as I Love You. Thanks for your openness and willingness to grow and change within your mommy role. You are a blessing and encouragement to us all.


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