Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Double Digits

I must be old enough, although it doesn't seem possible, to have a ten-year old biological son.  He woke me up this morning by climbing in bed with me and whispering, "I'm 10!"  After several minutes of visiting, I allowed the boys to watch a movie in bed while I got some coffee in me. 
Here are some pictures showing our boy growing up and showing off his super cute personality!
brand new baby boy
18 months old and wanting the camera.
These are the eyes that melt my heart.  And those cheeks! 
2 years old
Motorcycle trip with Granddad!
3 years old

Anyone can do hand prints in cement.... it's fun to be different!
2008 - playing in the rain in Mexico
4 years old
2008 - entertaining in the theater pit on the Malecon
It's so much more fun to drink root beer from a bottle with a straw!
Midwest Trip 2009 - 5 years old

Turning six in style... with as many parties as he can.

Favorite birthday cake - EVER!  Turning 6 was awesome.

2011 irrigation water fun - showing off for his Moma.

"Look, Mom, I am pretend floating!"

2012 - ZIP LINE fun at 8 years old.
9 years old and seeming very grown up!
My fun-loving son!
Ten years ago, my first born decided he had had enough fun in the womb and couldn't wait a minute longer to get the party started out here!  At 37 weeks, he was born emergency c-section, weighing a whopping 8lbs 8 oz!   He's been a snuggler and people person his entire life; never wanting a moment alone.  That has not changed.  He doesn't like watching TV alone; reading alone or pretty much anything else by himself.  He is a compassionate happy boy.  He sees when someone is hurting and brightens their day by being himself.  He loves people and he loves Jesus.  What more could I desire in his life; than for him to be true to himself and Jesus.   He is smart and learns things very quickly!  He has great ideas and lots of them.  It's so important to him that we are all happy that I see him sacrificing himself in order to make sure others are happy.  When I see this happening, I try and stop it while reminding him that it is not his job to make others happy.   He adapts to his environment and does so with ease.  He has many friends and enjoys them all.   My darling sweetheart has a fun type 1 nature and he knows it!  Happy Birthday, son!  I know you've loved all the surprises so far and there are a few more in store for you today!  Besos! #DYT #Type1

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