Wednesday, January 07, 2015

New Year ~ 2015 ~

Whatever goals I set in 2014 were sidelined when I returned to school full-time in February.  Since then, my "job" has been being a student!  I had two weeks off in the summer and one of those weeks was spent at Kids Camp.  My Christmas break just ended and it was the first time since I started classes that I had two weeks off in a row while home.  IT WAS WONDERFUL!  While I love learning and my on-line classes, I forgot how much I missed focusing on my family, hanging out with them, and reading for the sake of pleasure/escape.  I am now "back at it" but am looking forward to a lighter load this semester. 

New Years was spent in McCall relaxing and playing games with my family.  For the fifth year now, we have left the regular life and escaped to the mountains to get away and spend time with each other.  I am so glad my parents are able to join us for these getaways and the memories we make will be with us forever.  This year, we taught the little boys how to play Rook.  They are now hooked and I look forward to more evenings spent playing this OLD card game.

Time keeps passing and my DH and I are looking forward to our sabbatical next week on the Oregon Coast.  While I will still have my school work and he will still need to check in on his work, we know God is going to use this time to speak to us individually and during our times as a couple.  We are still seeking His will on our future plans but have peace about the unknowns (so far). 

I would like to say that I will be better about posting here but all I can say is I will try and post more often.  While in classes, it is hard for me to think of sitting here at the computer more than I am and I do not want to bore you with my scholarly posts that I am pondering for school.  Hopefully, I can find a nice balance.

I came close to recording 1,000 gifts but fell short at 930.  Perhaps 2015 is the year I count 1,000 gifts. 

Until then, here is to a year seeking God, growing spiritually, and continuing life-long goals of:

  • Continuing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University baby steps. 
  • Spanish - still need immerse myself in the language but am waiting for God to open those doors.
  • Living in a way that brings glory to God in my actions, possessions, and life. 
There are some exciting things happening this year!  To God be the glory! 

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