Saturday, April 04, 2015

Flopped, and Not Like a Bunny

They said the road to hell is paved with good intentions... but I say it's paved with too many good ideas from Pinterest!  Not that I'm on the road to hell because of Pinterest; I am not on the road to hell at all.  Never mind, let me try this again.

I began Lent with this AWESOME idea I saw on Pinterest.  It was a wonderful idea.  It fulfilled many of things I desire our daily life to be - about loving others and expressing that love. 

Then life happened.  This is one of the last #RAK we did.  It was fun!  The kids enjoyed it and we left before we saw any of the dollars were found.  We were sneaky and it was something the kids really felt a part of.  The last #RAK we did was taping bags of quarters to washing machines at the laundry mat in the poorer part of town.  We had a great conversation about owning washers and dryers and expenses.  We enjoyed the #RAK and expressing our love. 

Then I got sick.  I was down for three days and got behind in other things and #RAK took a vacation.  I had every intention of filling spring break with TONS of #RAK but... one day turned into another and soon break was over. 

Today is the last day of Lent.  I totally flopped on the whole #RAK family activity.  I just had to tell you.  It began good, but..., well, it ended. 

Another confession?  I tried to wake and pray at 7:03 like I was challenged to.  I failed.  I slept snoozed through the #Ifpray703 alarm so many times that pretty soon, I stopped setting it.  TOTALLY FLOPPED!!!! 

We followed through on ONE thing during Lent this year. And you know what?  It was THE MOST IMPORTANT of all.  We did the #LentChallenge and read through the four Gospels as a family.  WE DID IT!  It was, by far, the most important time we spent together as a family and of all the things we could have completed, I am filled with joy that this is the one we finished. 

So, in true fashion of keeping it real, I pretty much dropped the ball on everything but reading the Bible and I am at complete peace with that. 

We did the best we could and when push came to shove, we kept the right priority.

He is Risen!

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