Friday, September 25, 2015

Feeling Honored

There is always this uncomfortableness that happens when families collide at events for the child who had no choice in the decisions of their parents; yet they suffer the most.  Last night was "Senior Night" for our daughter.  It is a wonderful thing the team, in this case, volleyball, does to honor the seniors and their parents.  We are not the only blended family at our delightfully small private Christian school, but there aren't many (which is WONDERFUL!!!). 

All that to say, in the past, I have only participated in the senior night at our big public school with our older sons.  It was nice but certainly not the fan fare that it is at our current school.  At the public school, our son had to chose who was going to walk out with him (his mother or me); not both.  Here, we all were included and immediate family was welcome to join us on the court. 

I am always prepared to allow whatever parent recognition there is to go to the biological mom.  I plan for it and am ready for the situation as a step-mom.  The most amazing thing happened last night.  BOTH of us were honored!  We were both given a rose from the team and it was SO special.  It was one of the best times I have experienced with her mom present. 

Today, I just want to shout out that our little school brought this moma joy.  Our daughter did not have to chose between the two of us and we could all be out there supporting the person who keeps our paths crossing. 

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