Monday, September 28, 2015

Senior Night Letter

Here is the letter my DH and I wrote to our daughter for her senior night.  You can read about my experience here
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Dear Daughter, Our feisty firecracker daughter, this is it!  Your first senior night came so quickly.  We thought we were ready but we were wrong.  This year is passing too fast but we plan to hang on and enjoy the ride! 

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You are so good at encouraging others.  Doing the right thing when it is hard – standing up to your friends when you see an injustice – we are proud of you!  Your persistent and determined energy is powerful – trust it.  You do great things; thank you for letting us share them with you.  You are so determined and strong and we are extremely grateful Jesus is Lord of your life. 

Photo credit: Brenda L.

For all the times we “hushed you,” told you to sit still, quit fidgeting, relax, talk quieter, we did not know that you are naturally loud, outgoing, quick, and strong-willed.  We love this about you!  Okay, we usually love this about you.  That strong-willed side has caused all of us to butt-heads more than once.  It is these things that contribute to the uniqueness of your confidence and personality, and we understand that we do not have to understand all of you, in order to love all of you. 

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Daughter, you deserve to succeed.  You have not had the easiest life so far; yet your relationship with Jesus has made you a strong woman of valor; a warrior for Jesus.  While we have had our ups and downs, we support you and are so proud of who you are.  It is okay to make mistakes and we are happy with your choices… usually.  More importantly, we are happy with you.  You never have to do anything more or being anything else but you to be loved.  Please remember that.  You are so loved.   


So here we are, our fourth senior yet this is our first senior night with all this jazz.  How fun and exciting!  Finally, we get to experience a first with you.  We know this pleases you and we are right here with you.  It’s a night marking a milestone for you – you did it!  You hung in there when the going was hard and unpleasant and look at you now - one of the captains of your team!  You rock!  Thanks for letting us be a part of the crazy, fast, adventurous ride that is your life.  We are so proud of you. 
Photo credit: Brenda L.


All our love, besos y abrazos,

Papi and Moma Joy

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