Wednesday, December 16, 2015

When He Brings Me To My Knees

It happens every now and then,  I am in my own world, studying, reading, typing, revising, and counting words for my paper when... WHAM!  I am so overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit I fall to my knees with tears streaming down my face.

Even, now, tears flow.  Be careful what you pray for.  He answers.

Holy Spirit, You are welcome hereCome flood this place and fill the atmosphereYour glory, God, is what our hearts long forTo be overcome by Your presence, LordYour presence, Lord
When my heart speaks and words flow that I did not know were there - communion with the Holy Spirit.  Power.  I believe this is what early Friends felt when they were so overcome with the Holy Spirit they shook - quaked in His presence.  It happened often enough to earn them (us) the nickname Quaker.  If what happens to me happened to them, it was not a silent meeting - it was loud and amazing and powerful.

As I go back to writing my final, my own spirit is in a different place now and there is peace surrounding me that I am grateful for.


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