Monday, August 15, 2016

Make Your Own History

God keeps reminding me that how I live each day right now is me writing my history.  A history that will be shared with others in the future.  What do I want to be able to say?  That we were miserable, discontent, and questioned God's plan OR that in spite of all the unknowns, we trusted God, made the most of our circumstances, and chose joy? Being a place we do not want to last long is fine but how we handle that time is up to us.  

Each day I have choice to make: "Do I trust God to take care of me?"  Will I chose to keep my eyes focused on Him rather than focusing on the problems at hand? Especially the significant problems that appear life changing to me in this moment?  

How will I spend my time?  Stressed, unhappy, and caustic or will I cast my cares upon God, spend more time in His word, and on my knees in prayer? 

At the end of the day, what do I want my testimony to be?  That is how I must I live!  Some of the most meaningful testimonies I have heard are of people going through hard times, choosing joy, trusting God, doing hard things, and staying faithful.  Through deaths, financial stress and/or ruin, divorce, cancer, chronic pain, or relationship issues, people I know testify to God's goodness and the life they lived revealed the Holy Spirit at work in and through their lives. 

I want that.  I have that.  What I chose to do each day is on me, and me alone.  What do you want your history to say?  You are already writing it so think about what you want the remaining chapters to say.  

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