Monday, January 09, 2017

Christmas 2016

I had a wonderful Christmas season.  Our children got us some amazing gifts that I admit make me a super proud moma.  For starters, they know we enjoy having date nights at home so several of them got us gift bags to help us enjoy our home date nights!  From movies to snacks, we are set for several home date nights.  LOVE IT!

Another favorite gift we received was from T & N, who live in Portland.  They surprised us with a Portland getaway to come see them!  We cannot wait to redeem this gift and the opportunity to spend time together with them in their stomping grounds.

Through the years we have changed our gift giving from when we started our family and were overspending on needless gifts so our kids would just have more things to open to gifts that mean something.  We have done several different challenges through the years and while we did name an official challenge this year, I am content with how our gift giving turned out.  Here's a sampling:

Most of the kids got books, either to complete a series or starting a new one.  One daughter got silverware since she is getting married this year; the other daughter got a new pair of boots that should help her out with her student teaching this semester.  The little boys got fleece blankets in their favorite sport team's fabric and sport bags to store their stinky sports stuff in.  HA!

I am also super excited that I got special quilt square rulers and a 2011 NIV Bible!

Anyway, I have posted through the years about gift giving and thought I should keep the tradition going.

Merry Christmas 2016!

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