Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Lull Before the Storm?

Today is surprisingly quiet. The boys are in finals now and Mel is just having a fun week at school with no work or tests. Same for Taylor Sky.

I know I have a ton to do before our birthday party for Antonio but I want the house to be clean on Sunday so I don't want to do it to early, ya know?! So, here I sit - office work done for today, food cooked for today, errands ran for today... got a little nap in with Paco, went to the library and got some neat books in Spanish and some on tape for him (us) to listen to in the car.

Not sure how many to plan for the party yet but am hoping I know by my Costco run tomorrow. Last year was so much fun - the weather was perfect, friends and family were conversational and it all went great! Don't expect anything less for this, Paco's 2nd, birthday party.

We'll have a pinata again as all the kids, grown-up kids, too, love that part. There is so much to do but yet I can't do it this early! ha! Then, when it needs done, I'll be crazy busy with other things, too! ha! Can't win, huh?!

Here's the picture we used for the party invites. His little pointer fingers are holding up two - one on each hand. He's saying, "dos" for mommy!! We can ask him in Spanish "how old are you" and he says, "dos" - it's so cute!

I did hear him say "two" last night for the first time. He's also saying water now and not just agua. Needless to say, his Daddy was nearly heartbroken!

I can't believe he's almost 2. Guess that will for another post.


  1. I can't believe how much Antonio has grown. The time is flying by too quickly, isn't it?

  2. Have a ball planning Paco's party! Paco looks like such a little man now, doesn't he? I love watching the kiddos grow...but it can be sad to know they will never be like this again. Enjoy every second!

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