Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Beauty - Melynda

Her Daddy did a great job of naming her, for you see, the way he says it in Spanish means "my beauty!" What a perfect name for our daughter.
11 years old, 7th Grade
I love this picture of her! She's just so gorgeous!
It's a soft picture and shows all her lovely facial features.

She had fun with this one. It's a "bird's eye" and she giggled when the photographer put the flowers all around her head. I went over and tickled her tummy and she just erupted in laughter!

Melynda is really a sweet young lady. She is much prettier than I was at this age. I was a little awkward and had braces so I think she's just amazing! Muscular tan arms and the best long legs! She's really a beauty. On the inside as well as the out. Yes, we have our bouts but she's a doll. Everyone loves her. She's a natural first born daughter and loves to boss, I mean mother, the younger girls. Needless to say, they don't think much of her bossin'! One on one, we do great together. I love it when we can spend time with each other and not have other factors, like life, getting in the way. However, we make the most of it and keep going on.

Here is a full-length picture of our darling daughter. Can you believe how she's grown up? She's nearly as tall as me now and has the most contagious laugh.

If you look closely, you can see the tan lines on her feet - she giggled about that, too. In fact, she giggled about most things today!

This is the dress she and Tay got to wear to my nephew, Erik's, wedding in July. Aren't they fun?! And, they were on sale to boot!

In 2 weeks, we'll take another kiddo in and pick up Mel's pictures and get the others taken. We do this cycle until they're all complete!

More pictures from her photo shoot at our website! Enjoy!

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