Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ya llego el verano!

Summer is here!

Today is the first official day of summer and with it comes a barbecue at my parents' home tonight! YEAH! I have my FANtastic beans cooking now and they smell so good!!!

The big boys are off to high school camp and Roy is driving Troy up now after driver's ed class. As a surprise, they took Paco, too! So, I can work, blog and clean for our party tomorrow night.

Speaking of, don't you just love Pampered Chef products?! If you don't live close enough to come to my party, or you can't make it, you can order from Holly's website. There you can view the new catalog, order and have it sent to your home! Roy got the jumbo turner for Father's Day and LOVES it! My Dad got it, too, and was pretty excited about it. tee hee.

Men are invited tomorrow night so Roy is in heaven. He loves food and parties so it's right up his alley. We'll be out on the deck for the grilling of the kabobs and making icecream sandwiches. Yummy! As a plus, if you order $60 in product you get the icecream sandwich maker FREE! How cool is that?!

I've had a busy week with funeral escorts. 4 already and it's Wednesday! While it's good for my pocketbook, I haven't been home much. Thankfully, I can take the kids with me when needed and enjoy the time with them in the car. We're listening to a book on CD right now, "Coyote's in the House." Pretty good book!

Today is Spanish Camp so the girls will be home soon, ready to eat lunch. I'd best keep working on my chores today or else Roy may not be so willing to take Paco again! ha! Besides, I have to clean the bathroom as that is the only place people go by themselves so it MUST be clean!! (Thanks, Mom for that advise long ago!!!)

I'm going to try and remember to post one life lesson a day from the book, "Father to Son - Life Lessons on Raising a Boy" by Harry H. Harrison, Jr. Feel free to share this with the men in your life if you're not a Daddy reading this. As I read the book, I thought many of the lessons were too good not to share.

Five Keys: #1
Be around.

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