Thursday, September 07, 2006


Paco kept saying, "Funny, Moma??? Funny?" It all started when....

he wanted his morning "foffee" with me. Nothing unusual or funny there. Then, I had to find HIS cup and the one he wanted to use this morning. Found it! Wait, there's still something in it - how long has it be there, I wonder?

I open the lid and suddenly, I mean suddenly, I am heaving! Hard! Curdled milk and coffee with cream. I dump it down the sink but the smell doesn't go away. I'm heaving, hard loud heaves and Paco is.....

LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY from his high chair!!!

I get the kitchen spray out and spray everything in the sink, using the hose, I spray all evidence down the drain. I'm still heaving!

I run to the bathroom, hoping I make it. I do. Paco is still laughing saying, "Funny, Moma?!?!" When I finally emerge from the throws of despair, he laughs more and I ask, "Was that funny?" He replies with absolute certainty, "YEAH!"

Ahh, the joys of a two-year old to make a moment easier - or at least "funnier."

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