Sunday, October 08, 2006

Blame on the Hormones?

I've tried posting several times and they didn't go through. Grrrr.

Lately, I have not had such good days emotionally. I love my family and am happiest playing outside with Paco or reading to him on my lap. Naps are my favorite time of the day, of course. :)

For those of you who actually read this, please pray for me. I'm having a hard time and just need lifted up to our Father in Heaven.

Signing Out,
Weepy Prego Moma


  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I will be praying that your horomones leave you alone and you can get yourself center again. Patience is the hardest thing to have - regardless of the situation. I hope you can regain your sense of self and enjoy everything more.

  2. Joy I am sorry you are feeling down. I can completely relate!! I think we need to get together! Thinking of you and hoping you will be feeling better soon. Those pregnancy (and post-pregnancy) hormones stink!! Love you!


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