Thursday, January 04, 2007

Glucose Test, Doula & More

Week 30 is here and I have 70 days until my "due date." I am happy to post that I passed my three-hour glucose test. What a relief to have that behind me now.

We have enlisted the services of a doula to assist with this birth and hopefully a successful VBAC! She is very experienced and has experience with VBACs so that is a major plus. Seems that many doulas in our valley are due in February or March... interesting! My OB is supportive of us having a doula and said that research does show having one increases the chances of a successful VBAC.

We start our new birth classes next Wednesday in downtown Boise. Not the ideal location for us but we'll make a date of it! YEAH! We will learn about hypnobirthing and some relaxation techniques to help me get past my fears of a repeat situation of last time.

Roy is being so supportive, wanting and willing to do whatever I want to try to have a VBAC since this is our last baby. In the end, I just want to be able to say, "I tried everything I knew to try." If I end up having a c-section, that's okay; I just want to do all I can to have this baby the other way. (Yes, I'm scared either way!!!)

I hope my next post is announcing we got the loan and can close on our new house! I'll keep you posted!!!

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