Friday, February 15, 2008

The Island - Day 15

What have we been eating on The Island? From Roast and Potatoes to Salsa Beef Skillet, we've been eating well. Add in a few cheap pizza nights and we've been good to go. We're now on Day 15!!!

Day 14 brought a nice pasta dinner to our home. With pork loin leftovers added to spaghetti noodles and alfredo sauce and then another pot full of noodles and bruschetta, it was delicioso! Add hot fresh sourdough bread and Thomas Kemper sodas.... ummmmm ummmmm good!

Tonight we're off to our friends' for adult, I mean grown-up, time! Adult sounds so triple X, does it not?!?! So, here's some pnderings for you:
Here are Javi and I outside today. Notice the mud. Ack. Anyway, I tried out our infant carrier with a modified hip/sitting up style. I saw a lady with her much larger child sitting like this and had an "a-ha" moment. Mine has been folded nicely in his closet since he would never lay in the traditional cradle style anymore!!
Here are my parents, in Hawaii, eating at Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory. They say the food is so good they ate there more than once!!!
I've really missed them this week. Have tried not to call too much even though it's free since THEY are on vacation and I'm still here in muddy town livin'.
They'll be home soon with gifts for us kids. They'd better anyway - at least for the grands.

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