Wednesday, March 05, 2008

50 Things About Me

Inspired by my Heather's List, here are some things about me, fifty of them to be exact. Maybe call it "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly."

1. I am the baby of the family.
2. And the only girl.
3. Thus, I am spoiled. Still.
4. I married three kids when I married my husband.
5. I have been raising them since we got married.
6. I love having so many kids.
7. I am a bonus mom - an extra blessing sent from Above.
8. I had an emergency c-section with Paco.
9. I had a no drug, all natural VBAC with Javier.
10. I nursed Paco til he was 2 1/2 years old and I was 6 months pregnant with Javi.
11. I am terrified of running out of toilet paper.
12. and baby wipes.
13. and chocolate.
14. I am not patient with stupid people.
15. I like to drive. Always.
16. Even from the backseat. Passenger seat, phone...
17. I can make a meal from anything.
18. I didn't say you'd like it.
19. I love to read.
20. I am a speed reader. So is my Dad.
21. I hunt deer
22. And elk
23. And I dream of hunting moose in Alaska.
24. All of my game, minus one deer, have been shot with a .243 Winchester Model 88 bought by mother for my father in 1962.
25. I am a really good shot.
26. I like cards.
27. Both my sons share the same middle name, after my Dad.
29. I can't stand the sound of smacking or popping bubble gum.
30. I want to live in Mexico someday.
31. And speak Spanish fluently.
32. While raising my kids to be fluent, as well.
33. I want a gas stove/oven range.
34. I have Little Mermaid songs memorized - still.
35. Alladin was the movie I saw on my first date when I was 16 years old.
36. I've hoisted a backpack in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland.
37. I secretly loathe Martha Stewart. Always have. I have no idea why.
38. I collect cookbooks
39. Yet make up my own recipes
40. Rarely following a recipe!
41. I like to sleep.
42. I've napped nearly every day for at least 4+ years.
43. I am addicted to Guitar Hero
44. I am addicted to strong dark coffee - black.
45. I haven't had any alcohol for 6 years, 7 on May 11th.
46. I met my husband in AA
47. I like big band music and 80's rock.
48. I loathe rap music and heavy metal.
49. I love cooking.
50. I hate cleaning.

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