Sunday, March 30, 2008


Abbie and I , pictured above, used to be close. We were friends. Then they moved close to us (from far away) and we were way too much alike to be friends all the time. So, we drifted apart and only saw each other at family affairs. We're cousins. Two months apart in age. Our Daddy's are brothers. You know what one of the cool things about growing older is? I mean, if there is a cool thing about growing older...., sometimes we grow up, too. And I think Abbie and I have grown up. 'Cause we like each other now. We're friends. And while being family is all that, sometimes being friends is more. Here's to us: two thirty something-going grey together gals. The East coast is too far to see each other often but not too far in cyberspace!!!
Here is her brother, Adam, and his darling son, Bryce. They live in Washington with his wife and other two rugrats. I think Bryce looks like his Daddy - at least his head does.

The beautiful mommy is my niece and she's being introduced to a bunch of family she hasn't met before. She's holding my great-niece. You can also see my Aunt and then there's Bryce's head really close to the camera.

We had a mini-reunion at church today. My Dad's brother and his whole family, well almost, came to church today to see us and hear my DH preach. So, we got to see all of my cousin's and most of their family. Some had to stay home and work. Such is life. Especially for a doc in residency.

How nice to see family. But they're moving away or have moved away. Except for one. And we will not forget you Robyn!!!

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  1. What a great day this was to be able to see all the Familia and to just be together.
    The Hubby


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