Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break'in

Sonic - What's not to love about Happy Hour at Sonic? Even on my crazy diet I can sneak in a peach iced tea legally!! Just in case my mother is worried that I took this picture while driving (GASP), look at the speedo and you'll see it's perched perfectly at 0.
How many times could a little boy go pee in a port-a-potty? Well, in less than 3 hours he went SIX times. By himself. I snuck in for a picture and he was NOT happy. I can't post the picture that captures him yelling, "NNNOOOOOOO!!!!" since it shows his three-year old bum. He even used the hand sanitizer EACH time. Now, that's my boy. Since this time, I've wondered if he would use an outside facility more faithfully if we got one for our place? I'd love to just take a power hose to the seat - hey - I could make it the "Non-female" room!!! That would make cleaning the bathroom SO much easier!!! I may be on to something here. Ya think?
Here is a picture of Javier with coffee running down his chin. You read that right. Coffee. Granddad started this tradition with Paco and kept it with Javi. Granddad comes over every morning to have coffee with the boys. This particular morning, Granddad couldn't make it and I messed up by giving Javi the wrong cup. See, he has a coffee cup. Well, you can tell just by looking that it isn't right because there's coffee dripping from his chin; with a mouth full of cafe con crema y leche (coffee with cream & milk).

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