Friday, March 14, 2008

Green Moma - Part II

Ways I am a Green Moma? To keep my thoughts on the post at hand, let's look at one area today that I know I am very green in. The Laundry Room. I am the "get the stain out go to gal!" Really. I am so patient in this area, it's crazy! I can soak an item, rub it, treat it, naturally, of course, soak more, rub more, treat more til I get the stain lifted. It's amazing really.
Okay, on to business at hand. My laundry room. What do I use? Why? Is it as economical as I think? Is it better for the environment? Does it really reduce allergies? YES to all!!! Here's the scoop: Melaleuca.

Step 1 - To remove the toughest laundry stains, pretreat your clothes with PreSpot!
Step 2 - Wash with MelaPower.
Step 3 - Brighten with MelaBrite!
Step 4 - Reduce static and get softer, fresher smelling clothes with MelaSoft. If you have children, you should NEVER use dryer sheets with their pajamas as it reduces the effectiveness of the fire retardent they are made with. You can however, use the liquid MelaSoft!!!
Step 5 - Relax wrinkles, prevent stains, and freshen fabrics with one-of-a-kind, proprietary formula. REVIVE is the only fabric spray that protects your clothes from stains. Special stain-blocking ingredients repel soil stains from the fibers of your clothes. And because Revive prevents stains from setting in, they’ll be no match for MelaPower® when you throw your clothes into the wash.

I did not log on as a customer so these links should work for you to learn more about the products I use, if you so desire. Now, if you want to find out how to buy these yourself and have them delivered to your door at a reduced rate and earn 10% back on everything you buy, just ask me. There's so much more than laundry but remember, folks, we're just taking one room at a time, as to not overwhelm me. You may not know this but DH thinks I'm a tad ADD, seriously.

Now, let's look at cost. I pay $14.99 for 96 oz of MelaPower. It's so concentrated a half-pump does normal loads. One bottle lasts us ~ 3 months doing 10 loads/laundry/week. MelaBrite is $14.00 for 96 oz and lasts a long time. Really, a long time. MelaSoft costs me $9.74 for 64 oz, liquid and since I only use it on the little boys, it lasts forever. The dryer sheets cost me $5.24 for 100 sheets and I rip them in half for things other than jeans and towels. I gave you my cost, that could be your cost. If you want to buy something and not be a customer, your cost increases 30-40%. And no other savings are available. Okay, PreSpot, $5.24/24 oz spray bottle. Buy the spray nozzle once so stay green. Same with all the pumps. Buy once and move from old container to new. :) Revive costs same as PreSpot - same deal, 24 oz and re-usable spray nozzle.

If, I am doing dirty whites. I add a tablespoon of Diamond Brite to the load. It is the dishwasher detergent and I use it in place of bleach. In fact, I don't own a bottle of bleach. Haven't for years. That's all I'm going to tell you about that product cause we're not doing the kitchen today, remember?

I am never without a capfull of Sol-u-Mel in each load. It's just a nice cleaning booster. And I like nice cleaning boosters that aren't harmful to my family and the environment. 'Cause I am a nice person and that's just how it is!

Okay, what else do I use for laundry? Hydrogen Peroxide! It is best for blood and food stains. Just kind of bubbles up wash it immediatley. And, when I'm patient, I use Murphy Oil Soap. "For laundry stains or colorfast fabrics, wet the stained area and apply Murphy's at full strength prior to washing the garment." It's natural, too!

So, there you have my green laundry room. AND, I love my oh-so-efficient front load, just the right amount of water Maytag washer!


  1. Joy I am enjoying your "green" posts - - this is something I have been working on, too. I love finding new, "natural" ways to clean. Oh, and I am SUPER jealous of your front-loading washer!!

  2. Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!!

    6 kids? Darn, I'm tired just thinking about that!

    Hallie :)

  3. Thanks! I was telling Roy last night that I have been "green" for a full 11 years and that's just with chemicals - we gardened, raised our own hormone free beef, etc. my entire growing up years! It's funny how the concept is taking off now but I'm glad it is!


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