Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I love Easter. I love all it represents - the colors, the change in food, springtime and new beginnings - life. I really enjoy that the activities and expense don't overtake the meaning of Easter - Christ, and that we can actually be in the norm with church-going activiites. I love our church's Easter breakfast where the men cook and we ladies can show up and eat. Yes, we bring sweet breads but that's nothing compared to the hubbub of other holidays!

You can see I have very tough boys. Tough Enough to Wear Pink this coming August when CNR, our local rodeo, does it fundraiser for free mammograms for area women. They looked good - my boys were all decked out in dress shirts and ties today. Only little Javi didn't have pink on that's only 'cause I couldn't find a dress shirt to fit him in pink!
My girls matched for what is probably the last year. Mel is ready to move out of "girl sizes" and Sky will be in them forever. Well, maybe not forever, but I'm sure it seems that way to all of us, especially her.

Sky had a special music at church service today and sung so beautifully. It was a glorious time celebrating our Lord's life.
"Buuubbby, I want another egg, please."
"I am a stud."
"I am cute. Yeah, I know."
Well, I'd better eat good today 'cause I have a long three days ahead of me before I can eat like I want again. As you can see in my above weight ticker, I have lost 13 pounds. This is after two sets of 3 diet days. I start my third set tomorrow. I'm not dropping 10 pounds each week but I'm very happy with the results so far. Hip Hip Hooray!

Now, I'm off to change a gDiaper.


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  2. what a beautiful family. They sure have grown up!

  3. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Easter is my favorite holiday. Our church did a drama for the first time and God blessed it so we were thankful. Our church isn't much bigger than yours so it was a big undertaking.



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