Thursday, April 03, 2008

Green Moma III

If there was only one cleaner I could own, I would choose this. It is the best cleaner! Since it is a natural cleaner, I wash our fruits and vegetables with it, besides using it as a normal cleaner. And one of the best things for me? If for some crazy reason one of my kids decides it looks yummy and drinks it - they might get sick but they will NOT be poisoned or die. Do you want a safer home? That's huge for me. I don't have locks on my doors because I know I have a safe home. Remember, I don't own bleach, ammonia or any other caustic chemical! Not only are they bad for us, they are bad for the environment!!!
We have awesome biodegradable wipes that are great for quick cleaning jobs or to wipe down a grungy high chair, shopping cart or table! If you have wipes, check and see if they are really biodegradable or just disposable. Because, disposable does not = biodegradable.

Pictured above is my Tough & Tender spray bottle. It costs $1.49. You buy as many bottles as you want for your home - ONE TIME. I've had it for years. Another thing I love about Melaleuca...they don't ship water. One bottle (below) makes at least 4 spray bottles full or a whopping 96 fl. oz of cleaner!!! Just add the cleaner to the "fill line" then fill with water from your own tap!

I buy the pantry pack which consists of two bottles and pay $9.74. Full-price through Melaleuca is $14.00. I did not log on as a customer so these links should work for you to learn more about the products I use, if you so desire. Now, if you want to find out how to buy these yourself and have them delivered to your door at a reduced rate and earn 10% back on everything you buy, just ask me.

What else does Tough & Tender do?
*spray lightly on rose bushes, fruit trees and vegetable garden plants to keep insects from destroying them and maintain your organic environment! Just hook up one of those garden hose spray bottles with Tough & Tender it and start spraying!
* Saves money - who doesn't love that part?
* Removes road grime, bug juice and grease from your cars - just wash!
* Use in your window washer for the fluid! Works better than commercial cleaners, saves money and doesn't harm the environment.
* Can use concentrated for really tough jobs.
*Obviously, if it's safe for us, it's safe for pets.
*Add a little to the bath water and it eliminates the ring around the tub! I always add it to Paco's bath water. I think it helps loosen the grime off him, too. :)
*While all who use this have their own secrets, here are mine. The list goes on and on. It can't hurt to try it on something!!!

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  1. Anonymous8:56 AM

    The tough and tender is one of my favorite things that I get from M. I love the smell of it Glad your family is all doing well. I know you have a plate full and running over. Life will seem slow after the boys get out on their own.



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